Gail Whitney Fine Artist

This work is profound, take a minute to look and see where you go.....

All my paintings, oil and mixed media are based on the concept of ‘grid’, with horizontals and verticals. All around us are lines, rectangles and box like forms, they cross over and layer, revealing what lies beneath. Using vibrant colours and strong forms, I use a limited pallett to develop the work. As I paint and scrape off, re-apply then drag paint over itself, rectangles and lines appear, so depth and structure is created in the picture. Where is this place and where could it go?

The viewer must draw their own conclusions. For this particular body of work descriptive titles would detract from the impact of the picures.

The digital images are built up using sections of one of my paintings scanned as the background and then other found images layered over and adjusted in size and opacity, to give the desired effect. These first two images are about Alzheimer's Disease, through a microscope.

Please enjoy the paintings. July 2013.

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